Reggae In Berlin Festival 2016

Reggae In Berlin Festival invited me to perform as they celebrated their 10yrs anniversary at Cassiopeia. It was real fun. We snapped some pics for you…


If you ask me, Music and Nature fit good together. It was such a pleasure coming back after many years away from this beautiful Festival. Thank you everyone that made it happen. check out some of the photo impressions.

Photos by: Christer Tille/ ctfoto

#ÖlandRootsFestival July 2016


Cologne 23.04.2016

FreedomSoundsFestival, Cologne by:Devosphotography

FreedomSoundsFestival, Cologne @Foto Skao-Fotografie

Berlin Show in April

2016 = Back to doing live shows The first show will be set in Berlin and will be an intimate and stripped down show with me and a Piano on stage. Expect guest musician friends appearances.